Dear Friend,


The Senate majority is almost secured and the House is up for grabs. You can help us take back both with your support now with your donation. The digital campaign during the last week before the election will decide whether we take the House and the Senate. During that last week 10% of voters in this election will make their final decision. Over 90% of this group get their voting information solely from digital sources; meaning not from TV, radio, and print media. Your help for our digital campaign targeted at voters for our specific candidates will make a big difference. The following paragraphs examine some of my personal reasons why I want a progressive agenda in this country. Please read and let me know your own reasons.


I found out recently my six year-old granddaughter is worried about Donald Trump. My son, her father, met a Cambodian teacher whom he married while in Cambodia. My granddaughter, Naomi, was born about a year later and my son legally conveyed American citizenship. Although she is a legal U.S. citizen, she is worried that Donald Trump, if elected, would arrest her mother and send her back to Cambodia. She received a Hillary Clinton T-shirt so she could show her support for Hillary as she wants a “girl president”. She wore that shirt repeatedly for about two weeks until it needed to be washed.



Real children hear the radical things Donald Trump and the Republicans are saying. The naturalized citizens in many immigrant communities, not just Hispanic communities, are registering in record numbers. They are terrified Trump will deport them, their family members, and friends, even though they are legal residents and U.S. citizens.


You and I have the responsibility to stop Trump's ambitions and the Republicans who have supported him. This election is not only about Donald Trump, but the Republicans who have incited people to hate foreigners for supposedly stealing our jobs, our safety and our security. The Republicans have used this tactic for several election cycles, in order to attract racist and xenophobic voters who feel they have been left behind by a progressive society and lost their entitlement to power. What Donald Trump did was to recognize these attitudes and capitalize on it. He only moved it further to the right to get the Republican nomination.


We fight back by taking not only the Presidency but the Senate, the House and the Supreme Court. By Democrats retaking the Senate, the President's nominations to the court will be approved. Currently about 100 federal judge positions are vacant because Republicans have refused to move presidential nominations forward. By taking the Presidency and the Senate we control the makeup of the Supreme Court and policy in the country for the next forty-six years as President Richard Nixon did. As Trump is losing so big now, the majority in the US House of Representatives can be won by Democrats. An election of Hillary Clinton by 13% would pull in a lot of marginally behind candidates to win Congressional districts. If we progressive Democrats win all four factions of government then this could be the most progressive government in the history of the United States. The reason being we have very few of those southern racist sexist homophobic elitist democrats that the administrations of FDR, Truman and later Kennedy/Johnson had to contend with in the Democratic party. Hence this could be a progressive Democratic party like we have never seen before.


I wanted to relate to you why I got into this 20 year journey as an activist in progressive politics. It started because of my father and what happened to my family in the sixties. Before 1959 my father worked six days a week ten hours a day as a union janitor while also working part-time doing home repairs and maintenance. I rarely saw him. My family was scrapping by without a house or a car and my father received little respect and dignity from neighbors and peers. When John F Kennedy was elected and Johnson later took over, our lives radically changed. My father's union became strong. My father got a big raise, a forty hour work week, and a long paid vacation. We got a house, and a car, I got to go to college, and my father received respect and dignity for the hard work he did. We joined the middle class and we saw a bright future ahead. I want the same thing for everyone and every family that works hard.


Right now we have the worst economic inequality since 1910. The middle class is disintegrating. The average family has seen little increase in real wages since the 1980s. Ronald Reagan gave a huge tax cut to the wealthy to stimulate the economy. It never happened for the middle class. What happened was he cut just programs for poor and middle class people which resulted in a permanent homeless class and stagnation in family incomes. Economic inequality has increased ever since then, while the number of billionaires has skyrocketed. Billionaires no longer pay their fair share while the tax burden on the middle class has increased.


This has created several injustices and anger in our society. First of all a rising resentment of government. A declining confidence in all our institutions. A rise in racism. A rise in resentment against racial, ethnic and immigrant communities. A rise in class distinctions such as seen in Donald Trump's campaign. He thinks because he is a billionaire he can get away with murder and still have millions of supporters. In addition, we now have a distinct celebrity class which only interacts with each other.


Our mission is to take back Congress with real Democrats. We have a good opportunity now because Trump has openly demonstrated his greedy selfish character while embracing racism, sexism, xenophobia and economic elitism. Hillary Clinton is going to win by at least 13% and we have the opportunity to take back the Senate and the House with true progressive Democrats and create a Supreme Court which can uphold progressive policies for the next forty years.


This is a rare opportunity. The last week before the election is critical. About 10% of voters will make their final decision then. In the last presidential election in 2012, the Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party candidate had 14% of the vote the day after Labor Day. By October 17th their ratings had dropped to 10%. After the votes were counted, together they received 1% of the vote. The pattern for this year's election is the same.


Ten percent of the voters will decide the last week before the elections and determine whether we get back the Senate and the House. The presidency is in little doubt now. You can still determine the outcome of Congress with your generous support now, online here. Our last aggressive digital campaign will determine whether we get back the Senate, the House and determine the Supreme Court and public policy for the next forty years. You can make this change possible. I thank you for any support you can offer.







Thomas A Cramer