We have a very exciting new program, 20 Votes for Justice, which is growing very fast and we need your support now to keep up with the volunteers who are joining to recruit voters. Will you please donate today so we can continue our work to attain our shared goals? Thank you for your consideration.


Here is how 20 Votes for Justice works: We ask volunteers to sign up 20 voters who will pledge to register and vote for justice and ask each to volunteer and sign up 20 more potential voters. This effort is vital to winning the 2018 elections; historically, there is extremely low Democratic voter turnout in mid-term elections. If we gather 4 million volunteers to generate 80 million votes we can make every level of government in the country liberal.


We have been going to organizational meetings where people design protests and demonstrations and signing up volunteers. Most of these activists are enthusiastically supporting and volunteering. We are contacting volunteers around the country to do the same. We are also signing up people at protests and demonstrations like town halls. We are asking volunteers to forward our monthly emails and to keep in contact with their 20 volunteers on a monthly basis to keep them committed and voting liberal in future elections.


Here are the principles they agree to support as a voter:


Liberal Principles:



1. Higher wages and incomes for everyone. Low and stagnant wages and incomes are a failure of our system, not a failure of our people. This unfair system was designed by people and can be changed by people.



2. Climate change is scientific fact, not an alternative lie.



3. Women have choice and equal rights guaranteed under the Constitution and those rights will be enforced.



4. Minorities, including African-Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, new immigrants and others have rights and will be free from discrimination. Citizens cannot be denied the right to vote.



5. Medicare for all is a right.



Thank you for your consideration of our request. We appreciate your support. Please use the sign up sheet and get started today!








Tom Cramer, President