The last week has disastrously demonstrated the crisis our country is now facing with President Trump in the White House. Here is how we fight back against his Tuesday Night Massacre, and create a Republican Election Day Massacre. That means we take back control of government from Trump and the Republicans. We will end this nightmare with your help of a check or credit card. We must work together to defeat this tyrant.


Our taking back the House and Senate is to not only impeach Trump but to convict him and send him to jail. Read our article affirmed by Constitutional expert Laurence Tribe. The article spells out FACTS, not Trump's alternative truth. It contains information how he has violated the law for years and now has committed treasonous crimes. Also, we need control of the legislative branch to stop his plans derail many programs that support the life, health, welfare, and education of our people and programs to protect the environment.


Although there are many, some reasons to support impeachment follow:


HE HAS: Obstructed justice by firing the FBI Director who was overseeing the investigation into his campaign committee, campaign directors and which is leading to investigating his actions also.


HE HAS: Constantly represented “alternative facts” as the truth. These lies leave us with no true understanding of what the government is doing. As one piece of evidence, see the health care bill that has been approved by the House and sent to the Senate.


HE HAS: Not disclosed his business interests and has violated the emoluments clause of the constitution.


HE HAS: Put our national security and the security of the world at risk with his lack of support for our allies and his efforts to align with Russia. Also, he has provided sensitive information to the Russians without the source's approval.


Finally, I have been asked by local Democrats in Washington state's 8th Congressional District to run for Congress and. after a month of discussing with numerous people, I jumped into the race enthusiastically. Thus, this is my last letter to you because, legally, I have to remove myself from heading DAPAC while a candidate for federal office. When elected in this Democratic-leaning district, I am running to lead the impeachment of bully of the United States people and I am going to increase pay for regular Americans, stop the progression of economic inequality and take support away from Donald Trump and the Republicans. I will lead the charge to end global warming, end the attacks on woman’s rights, LGBTQ rights, minority rights, voting rights and have Medicare for all. You and I will be leaders moving the United States forward again.


I respect the law and will be turning leadership over to my wife, Barbara Cramer, and my oldest son, Chris Cramer. who have worked with me for years. Chris, who was co-founder with me, will help Barbara as consultant. Barbara has extensively studied women's, children's and healthcare policy issues and worked in healthcare for many years. She received a life-saving kidney transplant through the enactment of Obamacare. My wife is able to do this job because her health improved because of the nationwide database coordination provided by the Obamacare funding. At the same time, my son received health insurance because he was previously uninsurable due to a pulmonary embolism.


We need your continued support to get those 24 seats back in the House and three seats in the Senate in order to impeach Trump, convict him and include a strong voice for progressive values in our government.


Thank you for your continued support. Please enthusiastically write those checks and together we will succeed.






Tom Cramer


President Emeritus of DAPAC