In 2010, Republicans used their control of both houses of the state legislature as well as the state supreme court to redraw Pennsylvania's congressional district map.

Republicans continued to win most House seats consistently despite the high number of Democrats being registered to vote. 18 Democrats sued in protest of the gerrymandered state and the lack of fairness of such a blatant stunt. Despite Republicans' best efforts, the US Supreme Court refused to stop new Congressional maps being redrawn in Pennsylvania.

But last year, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, with a new Democratic majority installed with the help of DAPAC, overturned the Republican map, and redrew lines in a fairer manner.

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling was a victory for Pennsylvania voters who will now be able to cast ballots for congressional candidates in districts not unconstitutionally manipulated to make them uncompetitive,” said Micah Sims, Common Cause Pennsylvania’s executive director.

Trump may have won the state by a shoestring in 2016 in the state, but thanks to the redistricting, it is now a more even playing field during the 2018 elections.  A record four women - all Democrats - were elected to the US House from Pennsylvania.