DAPAC was started in 2000 with the goal of creating a progressive Democratic Majority in Congress. We provide advice and logistical support for progressive Democrats running for Congress. We typically assist about a dozen progressive candidates every election cycle. We are the only group in the country that helps Progressive Democratic candidates with every aspect of their campaign. As a consequence, we have a very high success rate in actually electing progressive Democrats to Congress.

First, we target the most promising Congressional districts in the nation, using the most up to date electoral and demographic data available. We focus primarily on helping progressives in swing districts which have Republican incumbents.

We recruit real progressive Democratic candidates. We thoroughly screen our candidates on progressive issues and research their backgrounds to make sure they are truly progressive Democrats. We then require candidates to commit in writing to support DAPAC’s core Democratic values before we endorse them. This assures our donors that they are helping true progressives as opposed to blue dog Democrats.

We train and advise our candidates on how to run an effective campaign. We are involved in every aspect of the campaign with special attention on building a strong grassroots organization, and crafting a compelling progressive message aimed at the demographic of the specific Congressional District. We do not believe in “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Instead, we match our advice and guidance to the candidate’s district.

We provide information on progressive donors to help our endorsed candidates raise funds for their campaigns. We connect our candidates with an extensive national data base of progressive donors that have stated an interest in supporting our progressive Democratic candidates directly. In the last election cycle, our donors donated over $6 million dollars to our endorsed candidates. Our donors are concerned about progressive community values rather than private corporate values.

In the past 10 years, we have worked with more than one hundred progressive campaigns. Most of these are low budget candidates running against well-financed Republican incumbents. Our candidates often cannot afford high priced Washington DC campaign consultants. We work one on one training candidates on how to run a low cost but effective campaign, including everything from framing issues and building a base of volunteers to how to make low cost automated phone calls.

DAPAC makes it possible for someone other than a self funded millionaire to run for office and have a reasonable chance of challenging a Republican incumbent. We work hard on actually helping to educate our candidates on how to win elections with bottom up campaigns. We promote the organization of Democratic groups at a grassroots level. As a consequence, many of our candidates have overcome long odds to win elections. We have a proven track record of getting results in terms of actually increasing the number of progressive Democrats in Congress.

We don’t compromise on our values, and neither will our candidates. If these are your values, please make a donation to DAPAC today!