What is it that Republicans want you to think? What is it that Republicans don’t want you to know?

Republicans want you to think that Democrats are on the rise. True enough.

The White House will probably stay in Democratic hands. Immigration and migration between states have altered the electoral college map. Most of us remember how the electoral college handed George W. Bush the 2000 election. That was despite the fact that Vice President Al Gore narrowly, but decisively, won the popular vote. Linear regression study of the last few election results shows us that the Democratic presidential nominee could lose to a Republican by up to 0.6% of the popular vote and still win the electoral college.

Because more states have recently trended Democratic than Republican, it is no longer necessary for Democrats to win the formerly pivotal swing states, Florida and Ohio.

So What Don’t Republicans Want You To Know?

Republicans don’t want you to know that Democratic Congressional prospects can be diminished by failure to fight for voter turnout in mid-term federal and state elections. We could lose the Senate, and we could fail to gain back the House, since state government determines redistricting. Gerrymandered redistricting may enable Republicans majorities in state government to continue to engineer the disfranchisement that leaves the House of Representatives in Republican hands.

But now you know. And DAPAC is working relentlessly to build Democratic enthusiasm so we can stop Republican gerrymandering and elect a Congress that will work with the next Democratic president. You can turn the tables on Republicans by making a donation today.

Kamala Harris for US Senate


Senator Barbara Boxer of California recently announced her retirement. California Attorney General Kamala Harris has announced that she is running to replace Senator Boxer. As Attorney General, she has fought for homeowners being foreclosed on by introducing the California Homeowner's Bill of Rights. As well, she has been a leader advocating for victims of hate crimes, identify theft, and predatory lending. If elected, she would be the first Indian-American in the Senate. We enthusiastically endorse her.