We need to stop Republican gerrymandering and start focusing on downballot races.

Aside from the White House, Republicans have been winning pretty much everything. Republicans have a majority in the United States Senate. Republicans have a majority in the United States House of Representatives. Republicans have a majority among state governors. Republicans have a majority among state legislatures. Altogether, Republicans have total control (governor and legislature) of almost half of state governments, while Democrats only control seven states.

And the state government is often far more consequential to our daily lives. Education, transportation, and land use are all primarily determined by state governments. Not to mention, control of state government has allowed Republicans to gerrymander their way into a perpetual majority in the US House of Representatives, and permanent majorities in many state legislatures.

But all is not lost. Measuring by presidential election years, when Democratic voters actually turn out, most states are Democratic. We need to turn these voters out for every election, every year.

DAPAC is on the case. We are the only organization seriously dedicated to electing progressive Democrats – pro-choice, pro-environmental, pro-LGBT, pro-worker Democrats – to every office at every level of government. We are working every day to fight voter apathy, and win every office we can, from US Senator to dogcatcher.

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