This election will be groundbreaking. Voters are tired of experiencing their falling family incomes. They are frustrated with watching their children and their grandchildren's futures go down the drain. Seniors are tired of watching their safe and secure retirement collapse. As you can see, the top three major issues in this election are economic. Please donate here today to change America's future.




The Republican's keep trying to please billionaires and give them more and more economic benefits. Lower taxes, offshoring income along with their employees working harder and longer hours for lower incomes. They have taken control of Congress by appealing to billionaires and exploiting low income people who hate gays, blacks, women's rights and government workers. They believe government takes their rights to hate, lie, cheat and steal.




There are two things we have to do to get back Congress and policy in our country. First, we have to educate people that the progressive wing of the Democratic Party upholds positive, forward thinking rights and a just economy. We believe in education and encouraging people and society to move ahead. The Republicans believe in ignorance, rigidity and defending the status quo. Second, we have to get people to assume their responsibility to vote in every election.




Getting people out to vote is intertwined with the first, namely believing that your safety, security and future is dependent upon your voting for the party focused on the people's interests and benefits. According to the latest research, a candidate must spend about 45 minutes with a voter to get them to understand the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties and get them to vote. Once we educate people they vote Democratic for their lifetime believing in our support for justice.




We stand as progressive Democrats for values and principles we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren. We stand for a positive progressive future educating people to contribute to a democratic society based upon inclusion, justice, fairness and an economic system that benefits all citizens. Our opponents in contrast stand for economic elitism, prejudice, hatred and greed. They want the freedom to hate and discriminate. They want the freedom to lie, cheat, and steal. They want to make money without paying any taxes for a government which protects their rights and the safety and security of their money and property.




At this time of year we begin vetting and recruiting candidates for election. Our most immediate focus is on the Pennsylvania state Supreme Court judges election which is this November. This election is crucial in redistricting that will be done for upcoming races for the House of Representatives. With fair redistricting, Democrats can gain seats in the House. Also, we have begun endorsing candidates in other races that will be held in November, 2016. A list is included for your review. Many more candidates are under review.




What I am asking you now is to invest in your values, so you, your children and your grandchildren can have a safe, just, and secure progressive future. Please donate here, any amount is appreciated. Your contribution will go towards educating voters, turning them out for elections so we, as the majority party, can take back Congress and assure a bright future for everyone. I thank you for your wise investment in keeping a progressive future for democracy in America.