On November 3, 2015, you had the greatest victory in progressive politics in 51 years. You won an election with three new progressive Supreme Court justices to the Pennsylvania court by a wide margin. This means that the state of Pennsylvania will be redistricted to have a progressive legislature and seven new progressive Congressman in Washington, DC. You can take credit for this major step in progressive politics. You invested in this 15 year program to get a two-thirds progressive majority in both houses of Congress, thus making this a true progressive country again. In this campaign, you invested in sending out 201,000 personal letters to progressive leaders and activists across the country and in Pennsylvania: Over three million phone calls. Countless emails. You got the message out to progressives across the country as well as in Pennsylvania. You got the attention of many progressive leaders and organizations. They all focused on these normally nondescript races in Pennsylvania. You helped set up an office in Pennsylvania, staff to man it and volunteers to design a program.


Now with your further support, you can move onto redistricting the next states: Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina and Virginia. Your investment can get back enough seats to assure permanent control of Congress with progressive Democrats. You can donate online at dapac.org.


Over the last 13 years you invested in getting Congress back for progressive Democrats and rebuilding the progressive Democratic Party. You now made a major step toward that goal. In the last thirteen years you invested in electing 25 congressional representatives and senators. Your investment produced the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. All twenty-five congressmen and women and senators voted for it. It passed by slim margins in both the House and Senate by three votes in the House and the exact number needed in the Senate. Without your elected progressives it would have never passed. Arguably you passed the most significant legislation since Medicare in 1964. One of your congresswomen won by only 2,311 votes. You stuck with her after she lost by only 1,062 votes in the prior election. Your support was critically important in producing the necessary votes for her election.


You have a tangible example of what your investment did from one of the people writing, editing and mailing you this letter. My wife, Barbara, who does these things now, was dying from kidney failure. Three months ago she received a kidney transplant from an unknown deceased donor from across the country, a donation that most likely would not have come from our geographical donor location under the old procurement rules. She got that kidney through the first nationwide expansion of the kidney pool this year. This national expansion was attempted for 44 years. It came to fruition because of healthcare expansion under the Affordable Care Act, which without your investment in getting progressives elected to Congress, would not have happened. My wife and I are personally thankful for your life-saving gift.


You have demonstrated political courage and persistence in supporting true progressives on the Democratic ticket to Congress. Now you can build on these successes and take back both the House and the Senate. The nation has reached a tipping point. It can either go to the far right or to the progressive side. History has demonstrated that in the long run progressive values win out in the United States. Your investment will get you much closer to getting back progressive values running this country again. Please donate now. You must stop the likes of Donald Trump and Ben Carson from steering this country to destroy a unified progressive government with their values of intolerance of immigrants, greed, lack of scientific understanding of global warming, and ignorance of our history, government and laws.


The middle class is largely being destroyed. Income inequality is the highest since 1910 and rapidly increasing. Middle class voters do not now see Congress as being the solution. It has failed them for 35 years. Congress is at an all time low in approval at nine percent. This is an opportunity to create a progressive voter uprising. Only 36% of voters voted in the 2014 federal election. We see how this frustration has erupted in the Black Lives Matter movement, the Fight for Fifteen, demonstrations on campuses, and the resignation of a major college president. It will only get more emphatic if you don't get true progressives leading this country again. With your investment it can happen.


You are successfully making major steps along the way to a progressive government. The end product you are seeking is a two-thirds majority of progressive Democrats in both houses of Congress. Then you can pass any progressive policy the country needs. The president can’t veto it, he or she can only implement the policies. The next major step on the way to that victory is having a simple majority of progressive Democrats in both houses of Congress. In this cycle you are on your way to getting back the Senate. You have sufficient candidates endorsed and leading in the polls to achieve that if the voting trends continue.


You also have sufficient seats in play to get back the House. According to political experts, 44 Republican seats are in play. Democrats need thirty to win back control of the House. At the beginning of the year, experts were projecting that Democrats could pick up about 14 seats mainly due to higher voter turnout in a presidential year. An additional seven vulnerable Republican seats have been trending to the left. The changes are favoring our success. It looks like you could pick up as many as 21 seats right now. If the trends continue it could even be more.


On top of that, if redistricting continues to be successful and voting trends continue, you would be looking at a two-thirds majority in both Houses as soon as 2022.


By producing a top-heavy economy and not investing in the middle-class, robber baron billionaires are destroying the American dream for most people while creating frustration and discord in most of the country. This focus threatens the population's confidence in our government. Two-thirds of the American people believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Only 9% approve of Congress. The average American believes 60% of Congress is corrupt. 60% of Americans believe their children will be worse off than they are now. Only 36% of registered voters actually voted in the last election and most voters believe their vote doesn't matter.


Here is what happens when you invest, are successful, and get a two-thirds majority in both Houses of Congress:


  • You end global warming. You stop burning fossil fuels and use solar, wind and hydroelectric energy sources. You switch people to jobs in those industries from coal oil and gas production. You manufacture electric cars at a large scale, thus bringing down the cost. You bring dirty manufacturing from China and produce products carbon-free here. We are 25% of China’s economy but they are only 3% of our economy. You can refuse by law to import goods and services from any country that does not use carbon-free energy. The rest of the developed world is willing to move in that direction with U.S. leadership,


  • You force those robber baron billionaires to pay a decent share of taxes. When we look back at history, the top tax rate was 77% for incomes over $3.03 million per year adjusted for inflation under JFK when the middle class economy boomed. We should restore the progressive tax system. Everybody realizes now that it has been sabotaged by greedy billionaires. Forty percent of taxes now are payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare. However, in the second Republican debate, Chris Christie stated that your Social Security and Medicare trust fund money was stolen by big government, only IOUs exist. “Get over it” he said. “We can’t afford to pay it back”. What he didn't say was that it was stolen by robber baron billionaires who refused to pay taxes by dominating Congress. They actually got big tax cuts after 9/11, refused to pay for the wars and actually profited from investments in the wars. Also, we must reinstate inheritance taxes; we don’t want dynasties in the United States.


  • You end the Hyde Amendment and women get back their right to abortion even if they have government healthcare. In addition, women get equal pay for equal work by having laws enforced. If one doesn't comply, one goes to jail.


  • Minorities get equal rights and freedom from discrimination. It is enforced by law. If one discriminates against someone, one goes to jail. LGBT rights are assured just like every other minority’s civil rights.


  • You can have universal, free Healthcare.


  • You can have universal, free college education in addition to universal free preschool. You can end the destructive burden of student loans.


  • You can have a living wage for everyone working in this country.


  • You can end a for-profit prison system which is corrupt. The system should be oriented around rehabilitation not revenge.


  • You can end the barbaric death penalty. Killing people to demonstrate killing is wrong is nonsensical. Half of the death penalty convictions when investigated demonstrated the wrong person was convicted.


  • You give people better working conditions with paid parental leave and job security with paid retraining when you lose a job. In addition, you can have an unemployment and workman’s compensation system that helps you pay for living expenses and training to get another job.


  • Social Security and Medicare can be guaranteed and benefits raised significantly if we make billionaires pay their fair share of taxes and raise the cap on paying Social Security taxes from $116,000 to all income. Raise Medicare taxes by one-half of one percent to ensure solvency of the program.


  • Capital gains should be taxed at the same rate as earned income made by hard work. When we did this previously, the economy boomed and grew at 3.5 times the rate it is growing now.

  • You can have separation of church and state according to the Constitution again. You can stop Republicans from using your tax dollars to subsidize faith-based organizations. Right now, over $50 billion dollars in tax money ends up on the hands of right wing religious groups. The legal defense of the Kentucky county clerk who refused LGBT couples to marry, Kim Davis, was funded by an organization which received these funds. The separation line between Church and state must be upheld. This would stop Republicans from using your tax dollars to buy votes from right-wing religious extremists.

  • You can stop animal cruelty by creating legislation to better screen, license, and strengthen animal cruelty laws.


If someone tells you these things cannot be done, you can say the other 27 developed countries have almost all these things and health care costs that average about 50% of ours. You can point out that their billionaires pay about 70% on incomes over $3 million per year and their middle class is much better off.


You can accomplish all these things and more if we have a two-thirds progressive Democratic majority in both houses of Congress. When you contribute now you are making that happen. You are investing in the most cost effective, scientifically tested plan to achieve that result. You invested in the development of our own internal research which was used on top of research from Yale University's political policy institutes to produce the most scientific get out the vote program in the country. It is proven to be successful and you are investing in the most cost-effective organization using those methods. You don’t pay overpaid consultants millions of dollars a year to run these programs as you do when you give your money to other organizations. You get far more results with far less money. Right now we have people ready to match your investment. So when you invest now you will get double the result for your money.


You are making people's lives better with your donation now and saving the country from further destruction and greed. Because of your actions and donations we will again have a progressive country. Thank you for your activism and support.