All three branches of the federal election can be won by progressives this November election. This possibility is no longer a liberal fantasy. The voter interest in this election is driving the strong possibility of a record Democratic turnout. All the forces are coming together at one time. The following information relates why it can happen and how it can happen.


  • A majority of the public is upset with the establishment that runs Washington DC.

  • The Republican Party has nominated a crazy candidate who has a disjointed series of pronouncements to various factions of the electorate who have been lied to and used by Republican leaders to gain power in Washington, DC and in state governments.


  • We have a longtime liberal candidate on the Democratic side who was looked on as representing the fringe of the Democratic Party, but who has gained tremendous support among younger, more liberal voters and union workers. These voters have been largely ignored by a centrist-moderate Democratic party that works for small incremental change.

  • We have the first serious female presidential candidate who was formerly a centrist but who now must move to the left to answer to those voters and to a Democratic Party which is being forced to the left by a large majority of voters left behind in modest recovery which has only been great for billionaires with modest growth for people in the upper 10% of income.


  • We have the first serious social media campaign which is a relatively cheap campaign. Trump has raised less than three percent of his opponents. A skilled long-time reality-TV superstar, he has moved into social media seamlessly. Bernie Sanders' campaign to change the direction of the government from catering to the wants of the rich toward the middle class and young people, can't raise money from rich liberals who are socially liberal but fiscally conservative. He has been forced to raise money through e-mails and a social media campaign. He has attracted a phenomenal number of over seven million new small donors, which has not been seen before. Obama at this stage in his election had less than a million and ended up with about three million.

  • You have an historic Senate election, with 71% of the seats up for this election held by Republicans, many of whom are very vulnerable in a presidential election year where Democratic turnout goes up over 50%. Also, following this election, with recapturing the Senate, we have a unique opportunity to get the first liberal Supreme Court in 35 years.


  • We have a Republican House of Representatives which looked invulnerable six months ago due to Republican gerrymandering. Now this situation is becoming increasingly vulnerable due to public knowledge passed on by social media of the con-job the Republicans have performed on suppressing the middle classes economic and social progress.


With your generous donation you can help launch an intense aggressive internet and social media campaign to take back the House and Senate with true progressives running on the Democratic ticket to take back control of these seats. You can have that along with a liberal Supreme Court and presidency which has not happened in over sixty years.


Thank you for your positive consideration, committing to change history and providing a legacy for many generations to follow. HAVE A GREAT PROGRESSIVE DAY!