Is public education in danger?  What kind of damage has the education system sustained under the hand of Betsy Devos?  What ABOUT charter schools?  Let’s take a look…


Public schools are exactly that, funded by and for the public using funds allotted by the state.  Public schools accept anyone.  They don’t discriminate.  They don’t charge a student to attend.  They are standardized and most all are unionized or have associations.  24% of charter schools close due to mismanagement. Charter schools are often run by for profit organizations, are not unionized, and do not adhere to the standards set by the state but by that particular charter.  Also the teachers in a charter school do not have to be certified as they do in public schools so you have to put your trust in whom the charter members choose to hire to teach your children.  In addition, charter schools favor more affluent families who can afford to transport their children to successful charters.  


Devos comes from a homeschooled background.  She doesn’t have much if any experience with the public school system and so therefore has no business deciding what is best for public schools.  Everything she says and does somehow comes back to non traditional schooling methods.  There is only so much money allotted and if students are to get ahead the voucher system is NOT the way to do this.  Funding for vouchers takes money away from public schools and places it in charter/private schools where parents must make up the difference.  This erodes the quality of public schools.


Devos does not care for our students.  She is looking to take money away from public schools as she is the charter/private/homeschool champion.  She is stripping away students civil rights protections.   DeVos rescinded 72 guidance documents that protect students with disabilities not to mention the rights of LGBTQ students and persons of color.


Education is important in sustaining America and keeping our nation strong and viable.  Devaluing education and turning it into a political pawn is a disservice to all Americans.  We need to improve our education system by providing more funding, creating standardization that makes sense, and providing equal educational opportunities for all.