I'm not going to sugar-coat this. With the election just over a month away, extremist conservative Republicans are inches away from winning control of the Senate. They need six seats to take control, and currently they are ahead in five races and dead even in one more.

With control of the Senate, Republicans are planning on blocking all of President Obama's nominees. With only two years remaining until the Obama Administration ends, Republicans would simply run out the clock on nominations, until they get the president they want.

This includes the Supreme Court. Out of the current members, the average age is 68, and four justices on the Supreme Court are over 75. Any member of the Court could die or retire at any time.

Much is on the line. There have been a number of recent 5-4 decisions from the Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts, covering everything from access to birth control and abortion, to air pollution and climate change, to campaign finance and the right to vote. Roberts and his fellow conservative Republicans would love nothing better than to get another vote on the Court. If that happens, we are likely to be headed toward an era of coat-hanger abortions, poisonous air and water, and new restrictions preventing Democrats from being able to win elections at all. We can't let extremist Republicans dictate the direction of the Supreme Court.

This is why the Senate race in Iowa is so important. Many experts call it the closest Senate race in the country – the one that will determine if Democrats or Republicans control the Senate, and possibly the Supreme Court. Our endorsed candidate, progressive Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley, is running against extremist, conservative, anti-choice, anti-environment, anti-gay Republican Joni Ernst.

We are doing everything we can to elect Rep. Braley to the Senate, and maintain Democratic control of the Senate. But we need your help to make it across the finish line. Please make a donation right now of whatever you can afford.


Together, we can elect Bruce Braley to the Senate. Together, we can stop the Republican takeover of the Senate. Together, we can stop the conservative takeover of the Supreme Court. Together, we can put a stop to Republican extremism.