The election is less than a month away. The polls are extremely close-this will be one of the closest elections of our lifetimes, up there with Bush versus Gore in 2000. Democrats could maintain control of the Senate. Or extremist Republicans could take control. Nobody is certain what will happen in the next few weeks. Please donate here now so we can continue to support our progressive candidates.


Democrats have changed the rules on nomination to prevent Republicans from blocking and delaying President Obama's nominations. Continued Democratic control of the Senate will allow the Senate to confirm President Obama's cabinet secretaries, judges, commissioners, and other officials. These nominees are essential for protecting woman's rights, protecting gay rights, and protecting the environment.


By contrast, under a Republican-controlled Senate, the gatekeeper for nominations would be new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He has been a tireless enemy of everything we, as progressives, stand for. NO nominee will get either a hearing or a vote without his approval. And most likely, Senator McConnnell, with his history of scorched-earth tactics, will block all nominees until a Republican is elected to the White House.


But let me tell you what we can do about this right now. The election will turn on the voters making up their mind in the next few weeks. Every election , a small number of voters, who are too busy or simply disinterested in politics, wait until the last minute to decide how to vote. These late deciders usually make up around 2% of the electorate. This year, the 2% of late deciders will be decisive.


Any money we spend on reaching voters right now will be decisive. Any money spent right now can be the difference between Democratic and Republican control of the Senate. Please send a donation right now, to keep Mitch McConnell from crippling President Obama's last 2 years in the White House. The future of our country will be determined by what happens in the next few week.



Thank you for your continued support.