Dear Friend,

You may have heard that Democrats had a bad election this year. It may surprise you to hear that DAPAC Democrats did not have a bad year. It was a challenging year, but by and large, we rose to the challenge.

Every DAPAC Democrat running for reelection won. Two DAPAC Democrats won open seats in Congress. And DAPAC Democrat Tom Wolf, running in Pennsylvania, was the only Democrat to defeat a Republican incumbent governor this year. Not only that, but he's the first candidate of any party to defeat an incumbent governor in Pennsylvania history.

That's not bad at all. So how did we do it?

First off, we didn't shy away from what we believe in. DAPAC Democrats were not afraid to stand up for progressive ideals. DAPAC Democrats were forthright in defending the right to choose, defending the right to same-sex marriage, and defending our natural environment. Moreover, DAPAC Democrats pushed for a raise in the minimum wage, and pushed for wealthy Americans to pay their fair share in taxes.

Second, we've started on an effective get-out-the-vote campaign. Groups such as youth and Latinos are not in the habit of voting in midterm elections. We are working hard to get Democratic voters out to the polls, through proven methods of voter contact. We will not rest until every Democratic voter is voting in every election.

Moving forward, we plan to keep on doing what worked so well this year. But we have even higher ambitions. The economy continues to underperform for average Americans, and median incomes have gone nowhere in the past several years. We're putting forward a four point plan to bring the American economy back to life:

Lower taxes for the 90%, and higher taxes on the 0.1%

Raise the minimum wage

Free college tuition for everyone

Increase Social Security

You can find our latest newsletter, with details on who won and who lost. Also included are articles about Tom Wolf's win in Pennsylvania, the challenge of Latino voter turnout, and how the Senate filibuster impedes progressive policy.

We are succeeding. We are standing up for what we believe in, and we're getting voters out to the polls. We need your help to keep succeeding. This past election is over, but the next election is just over the horizon. Our work to elect DAPAC Democrats never ends. Please donate now, or whatever you can afford. We couldn't do it without you. Please send your donation today.

To Victory,

Tom Cramer


President, DAPAC